Ordo Franciscanus Evangelii


The Ordo Franciscanus Evangelii (OFE) was established by a group of ordained deacons, not serving under the traditional parish church structure, felt a calling to evangelize in a unique and personal way. They recognized that many individuals were drifting away from the traditional church but still sought spiritual guidance during significant milestones in their lives.

John 13:35

By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.

The Disciples of Milestones

The Disciples of Milestones do not form congregations in the traditional sense. Instead, they heed Jesus’s call to “Go, and make all nations my disciples.” They achieve this by using an ecumenical liturgy, ensuring inclusivity in a multifaith environment.

The Mission

The mission of the Disciples of Milestones is not just to evangelize but to walk alongside individuals during the most significant moments of their lives, offering a hand of spiritual guidance and a heart of understanding.

Directory of European Deacons of the Ordo Franciscanus Evangelii

  • Johann Müller dcn
  • Lukas Huber dcn
  • Matthias Fischer dcn

Vereinigte Bruderschaft (United Brotherhood)

  • Pierre Dupont dcn
  • Lucas Maes dcn

Broederschap van Liefde (Brotherhood of Love)

  • Petr Novák dcn
  • Lukáš Dvořák dcn
  • Tomáš Václav dcn

Společenství Naděje (Community of Hope)

  • Anders Nielsen dcn
  • Mikkel Jensen dcn

Forening af Tro (Association of Faith)

  • Jean Moreau dcn
  • Olivier Girard dcn
  • François Dubois dcn

Fraternité de Lumière (Brotherhood of Light)

  • Heinrich Schmidt dcn
  • Stefan Wagner dcn
  • Friedrich Meyer dcn

Gemeinschaft des Wortes (Community of the Word)

  • Nikos Papadopoulos dcn
  • Dimitris Vasiliou dcn

Κοινότητα της Ειρήνης (Community of Peace)

  • Mihaly Toth dcn
  • Robert Kormos dcn
  • David Teszar dcn
  • Bence Barath dcn

Ökumenikus Egyház (Ecumenical Church)

  • Sean O’Brien dcn
  • Patrick Murphy dcn
  • Liam Gallagher dcn
  • Marco Rossi dcn
  • Giovanni Conti dcn
  • Luca Bianchi dcn

Fratellanza della Grazia (Brotherhood of Grace)

  • Jan de Vries dcn
  • Pieter van der Berg dcn

Vereniging van Licht (Association of Light)

  • João Silva dcn
  • Manuel Fernandes dcn

Braterstwo Nadziei (Brotherhood of Hope)

  • João Silva dcn
  • Manuel Fernandes dcn

Comunidade da Verdade (Community of Truth)

  • Carlos García dcn
  • Diego López dcn
  • Álvaro Martínez dcn

Hermandad de Fe (Brotherhood of Faith)

  • Erik Johansson dcn
  • Oskar Karlsson dcn

Förening av Kärlek (Association of Love)

  • James Smith dcn
  • William Taylor dcn

Fellowship of the Gospel (Fellowship of the Gospel)

Structure of the Ordo Franciscanus Evangelii (OFE)


This structure ensures that the OFE remains organized, effective in its evangelization mission, and true to its foundational principles.

1. Leadership:
  • Supreme Council: Comprises the Grand Deacon (leader of the order), Vice Grand Deacon, Secretary-General, and Treasurer. They are responsible for the overall direction and governance of the order.
  • Regional Leaders: Each European country has a Regional Deacon Leader responsible for overseeing the activities and deacons in their respective countries.
2. Meetings:
  • Annual General Assembly: Held once a year, this is the main gathering of all deacons from across Europe. It serves as a time for spiritual renewal, training, and decision-making on major issues.
  • Regional Conferences: Held biannually in each country, these conferences focus on regional challenges, evangelization strategies, and local governance.
  • Quarterly Retreats: Every three months, deacons gather for spiritual retreats, focusing on prayer, reflection, and strengthening their commitment.
  • Monthly Local Gatherings: Deacons in proximity (city or district) meet monthly for fellowship, sharing experiences, and planning local evangelization efforts.
3. Governance:
  • Constitution of the OFE: A written document that outlines the fundamental principles, structure, and functions of the order.
  • Bylaws: Detailed rules and procedures for the day-to-day operations of the order.
  • Ethical Code: Guidelines that ensure all deacons maintain the highest standards of conduct, reflecting the teachings of Jesus and St. Francis of Assisi.
4. Committees:
  • Evangelization Committee: Focuses on strategies and resources for effective evangelization.
  • Education and Training Committee: Provides resources, workshops, and training sessions for deacons.
  • Ecumenical Relations Committee: Works on fostering relationships with other Christian denominations and faiths.
  • Finance and Fundraising Committee: Manages the order’s finances and organizes fundraising events.
5. Decision Making:
  • Consensus Model: Major decisions are made by seeking a consensus among the deacons, emphasizing unity and mutual respect.
  • Voting: In situations where consensus cannot be reached, decisions are made by a two-thirds majority vote.
6. Affiliations:
  • Local Entities: Deacons work under various local established names, such as churches, congregations, or associations in their respective countries.
  • Ecumenical Partnerships: The order actively seeks partnerships with other Christian denominations for joint evangelization efforts.
7. Communication:
  • OFE Newsletter: A monthly publication that shares news, stories, and updates from various regions.
  • Digital Platform: A website and mobile app that offers resources, event details, and a platform for deacons to communicate.

John 17:21-24

I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you.

Unified Franciscan Mission

The Ordo Franciscanus Secularis (OFS), also known as the Secular Franciscan Order, serves as the mother organization to the Ordo Franciscanus Evangelii (OFE). The OFS, a recognized third order within the Catholic Church, consists of lay men and women who are committed to living out the Gospel in the spirit of St. Francis of Assisi in their secular state. Within the framework of the OFS, the OFE was established as a specialized order of ordained deacons. These deacons, while upholding the foundational principles and spiritual ethos of the OFS, have a distinct mission of evangelization, particularly reaching out to individuals at significant milestones in their lives. In essence, the OFE operates under the umbrella of the OFS, drawing from its rich Franciscan heritage while catering to specific pastoral needs in the modern world.

Relationship with the Catholic Holy See

The Ordo Franciscanus Secularis (OFS) and its subsidiary, the Ordo Franciscanus Evangelii (OFE), while operating with a degree of autonomy in their specific missions, remain deeply rooted in the broader Catholic tradition and are in communion with the Holy See. This connection signifies their adherence to the teachings, doctrines, and liturgical practices of the Catholic Church.

Furthermore, the relationship with the Holy See ensures that the OFS and OFE maintain doctrinal orthodoxy, receive ecclesiastical support, and are integrated into the global Catholic community. This bond with the Papacy and the Vatican underscores the orders’ commitment to serving as authentic and vibrant expressions of Franciscan spirituality within the Catholic fold.

Scholarly Affiliations and Academic Collaborations


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